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Back in 1992 when I wanted to program in something other than QBasic, I bought Borland Turbo c++ 3.0. Then when I wanted to try windows programming I bought Visual C++ 5.0. After that Visual C++ 6.0. Then Microsoft started releasing a free intergrated development environment called Visual Studio Express. Now Microsoft's free IDE is called Visual Studio Community edition. The 2019 edition is the current version.

One thing to note about Windows is that Windows 7 will stop getting security patches in early 2020. Certain Windows API functions will work only with Windows 8.1 or above. My programs do use one or two features that require at least 8.1. After 10 years, Windows 7 is now being put out to pasture.

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    I often watch live streams but catching them when they are live was a problem for me. When I'm at the desktop computer I don't keep myself logged into youtube. If i'm doing something else I want to know when a channel is going live. With LiveCheck you can add your favorite channels and it will check if they are live or not. Just set the polling interval from 30, 45 or 60 seconds. When a channel goes live an alarm will sound and the channel will light up red. You can silence the alarm by going to a channel by double clicking the name or by pressing the silence button.

    My program can track channels from youtube, twitch, dlive, periscope or mixer. Twitch, dlive, periscope and mixer channels are very prompt when they go live. There may be some delay when Youtube channels announce themselves as live. One nice feature with Youtube is that channels can schedule live streams. So that means you can tell before hand that a stream is coming. When a stream is scheduled you will see the channel name light up blue.



    A while back I came across an instagram account and I wanted to download some images. There are some bulk downloaders out there but they are about downloading every linked image they find. My interest was only in downloading full sized images not thumbnails. So I wrote an image downloader that would ignore the thumbnails. Only full sized images and videos from a post would be downloaded. If you give the program a link to a single post then it downloads only the post. If you give it the account link then it will download all the posts.

    What about other sites? Well adult sites have galleries with pictures that can be tedious to download. I added support for fuskator, pinkfineart, pornpics and imagefap. Given a home link to a gallery it will download the full sized versions of the pictures on the page(s). A sub-folder will be created for each site. Downloads will have their own sub-folders under the site folder. I'm open to adding more sites (adult or not) if possible.



    Sip is a video downloader I wrote in 2012 when I wanted to record some ustream.tv live streams. Wasn't long before I added the ability to download from youtube. Over the years I added more sites but maintaining the code can be tedious. The task of downloading or recording (live streams) is a two step process. First is the link extractor. Wether your are looking for a direct link to an .mp4, a .m3u8 playlist or a .mpd manifest, this will be where you'll spend your time sleuthing. Once you have a link you hand it over to the downloader function. If you are like me you write your own download function. HLS or DASH, it's all a challenge. Open source projects such as youtube-dl will allow you to use external download utilities.

    My program is simple compared to youtube-dl. All the sites I added were not geo-restricted or required login credentials. I would require proxy/vpn/account access to test and implement certain sites. I never felt that need to pursue that.